How MME Started

Mind Muscle Enlightenment first started as a podcast called "Mind Muscle Movement," inspired by the host, Maggie, on her personal fitness journey. Mind Muscle Movement only focused on developing the mind and body – two important components in improving one's health and lifestyle. 


As the podcast grew, Maggie realized that something was missing from the movement – the soul. Without acknowledging the emotional and spiritual aspects of life, we still find ourselves scrambling around, searching externally to fill an internal void, which will never be filled.

So Maggie decided to expand the podcast to become "Mind Muscle Enlightenment," focusing on the four areas of fitness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – which are the keys to unlocking everything we desire. 

Today, Mind Muscle Enlightenment isn't only a podcast. It has expanded into a way of life.


Mind Muscle Enlightenment is the embodiment of our wholeness, only found within ourselves. And as we master the Self, we master the external reality.

Welcome to the Mind Muscle Enlightenment vortex.