• Maggie Dong

Masculine & Feminine: The Outdated Paradigm

Updated: Jun 5

by Maggie Dong

Can we please acknowledge that there is something very wrong with this world?

The notion that a man shouldn’t display emotions because he’ll be “less of a man.”

That a woman shouldn’t be assertive because she’ll seem “less feminine.”

That a man should protect a woman from the big bad enemies of the world. Oh wait, you mean, the other men.

And the woman should desire to be protected, so he feels like a hero.

I mean, just take a look around.

Men don’t cry because it apparently makes them weak.

Women don’t take initiative because it makes them too intimidating thus less desirable.

Men assert their dominance over women to feel more powerful.

And women? They are submissive to the emotionally wounded men and become abuse tolerant.

Then the men and women get married and create baby production units.

Still think there’s nothing wrong? Well, think again.

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