• Maggie Dong

Between Life And Death

Updated: Jun 5

by Maggie Dong

what is the difference between life and death?

life surely seems more appealing, because it’s something we believe we understand

death, on the other hand, is feared, because we don’t know what happens then

we make up various stories about what goes on after our souls leave this world

those stories may be an explanation of death, but what does it truly mean to die?

we associate death with the physical form dissolving, and the relocation of our souls in the universe

but is that really death? or is it only what we make it to be?

death isn’t a location we transfer to, or the change in form

it is a choice that can be made in any moment.

to truly die is to fully accept the unknown

not making up stories about it, nor creating cause and effect

it is to accept that you, simply, do not know

and choosing to be in the unknowing

we search for our purposes in life, even going as far as searching for the meaning of life itself

maybe some will come to a conclusion of what it means to be alive, or have an idea of what they’re meant to be doing

they wake up to fulfill their purposes, and go to sleep once they feel accomplished

on a mission to create global change

but deep down, is that actually a need to satisfy themselves?

because without the purpose, they would feel empty

there would be no meaning

so I ask again, what is life?

we define life based on what makes the most sense to our minds

for a sense of security and safety

and inadvertently, avoiding oneSelf.

to truly embody our wholeness, is to be in the nothingness in each moment

no intent to fill the void

no desire to leave

no purpose to fulfill

that’s what it means to die, and paradoxically, is what it means to live

when we live for a purpose, or for an outcome, it’s not living

it’s allowing that thing to live us

nothing is inherently wrong with doing so

however, it reveals that most aren’t actually alive

they’re closer to what they define as death

they fear death because they see it as a lack of meaning

but in truth, death is far from it

death is the unknown

the unknown is chaotic

which, actually, is the very nature of life

so are most truly alive?

I would say no

most are living with conditions

it’s only when we let go of the conditions, and die into the very nature of our being - nothingness

do we become fully alive

to live a life of freedom is to live without conditions, and to no longer cling onto an idea of what it means to be alive, or even to life itself

one must release the perceived notion and meaning of life, to become fully alive

and that means dying into each moment

we will then realize, that life and death are not separate, but eternally coexisting

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